Month: September 2018

5 Magnificent Bedroom Design Ideas (Designing Your Bedroom for the Better)

Posted on September 2, 2018 in Home Designs

Window Seat Bedroom

The bedroom is a pivotal part of a house. You are doing various private activities there. That is why learning some bedroom design ideas will be beneficial.

Your bedroom design does not only create presentation of the whole room, but also related to functions. Of course you will not want a sleeping room that makes it hard to move around and doing various activities. Let’s learn some of the ideas.

Bed in the Corner

This is one of the small bedroom ideas you ought to try. If you do not have plenty space in your sleeping room, you can push your bed to one corner. It is saving up space and creating cozy atmosphere.

If you want to avoid making it look like a college dorm, you can create some adjustments. You can add two layers of headboard which are connected to the corner. They can serve as shelves and add designer aesthetic.

Mirror on the Wall

Just add large mirror on the wall to create certain effect. What effect that it may possibly bring? Mirror on the wall will magically enlarge size of your room. The bedroom will definitely look bigger. How to achieve that effect? Follow these simple steps.

  • Position the mirror where it can reflect natural light from bedroom window.
  • Choose lighter color wall to enable the spread of natural light.
  • Make sure that the mirror is uncluttered or clean from anything.

Adding Rustic Touch

Do you want more natural touch to your bedroom? Adding some rustic elements to your bedroom is one of bedroom design ideas that will turn your bedroom into something that has more character. Sleek bedroom is great, but if you want room that has personality, you should try this.

Adding unfurnished wood plank on top of your headboard is an option to do that. You can also build fireplace with rough texture materials like stones to obtain such vibe. That will definitely morph your bedroom into something spectacular.

Placing Window Seat in the Room

Do you have a nice view outside the bedroom? Are you doing some activities in the bedroom but has no space for sitting? Placing window seat is a way to answer those situations. By adding the seat near window, utilize space that’s usually left unused.

Place it near window that is more on corner side of your room. Add plush upholster so you can get comfortable while sitting there. It is a way to enjoy your garden view, as well as doing calm activities like reading in your bedroom.

Statement Lamp Piece

If you want bedroom that looks elegant, you can add some statement pieces there. Overhead lamp is one of those things. It is better if you are able to afford chandelier for the bedroom.

You need to place the lamp piece on center of your bedroom so it looks more prominent. Opt for the catchiest design as possible. This is one of bedroom design ideas which you can easily play around according to preference and vibe you are going for.