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Hasan Al Banna, the Founder of Muslim Brotherhood

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Hasan Al Banna was the imam and schoolteacher from Egypt. He was known as founder of Muslim Brotherhood. This organization still has strong and prominence involvement in many countries, especially the Middle East.

He started as cleric and teacher, but supported some militants in early years. He had view that Islam was comprehensive system. Every aspect in human life should put Islam and Quran as the principle and philosophy. He had many writings to expand his political view.

Early Life and Education

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Hasan Al Banna was born in Mahmudiyya, rural area in Nile Delta, on 14 October 1906. His father was mosque teacher, muezzin, and Hanbali imam. He came from family with strong influential, particularly in Islam.

His early study was mostly from his father and Sheikh Zahran. He also went to Cairo for four years in order to study modern subjects. However, the school method is not traditional that Al Banna attended without father consent.

In his study period, he read books and content regarding political situation. He also involves in organization for young Muslim. He published more than ten articles in Islamic Journal.

Muslim Brotherhood

He had known that the Ottoman Caliphate was abolished in 1924. This situation gave him new view to shape Islamic world. After study, he became schoolteacher near Suez Canal. It was area with strong foreign atmosphere, especially British.

Muslim Brotherhood was created after he witnessed people lived far from Islam principles. He started from six people, unnamed workers in Suez Canal. The organization was small association focused only to do charity and help each other.

After ten years, there were more than 500,000 members. That number was only the active ones and millions of people joined Muslim Brotherhood. The growth factors were related to the way Hasan Al Banna led.

Political Activity

His organization was his way to reform Islamic society. He created mass movement regarding society change for peasants, professionals, and worker. He developed propaganda.

One of notable accomplishments was Palestine revolt in 1936-1939. Muslim Brotherhood carried movement, such as fundraising, campaign, and donation. Those funds came from working classes, not the wealth people.

His Writings

He had been prolific writer since young age. He started from local journal and newspaper. His views were reflected from his writings. Moreover, people learned what his accomplishment from his articles.

The other writing is autobiographical novel. The title is Remembrances of Preaching and of a Preacher. This book is considered his best writing because it explains his life using novel-based narrative. Today, he has more than 2000 articles.

Family and His Death

He had daughter named Wafa Al Banna. She married to Said Ramadan who is the leader in Muslim Brotherhood. They had two sons, Hani and Tariq Ramadan; the scholar and educationist. His brother was proponent to what his done and more liberal.

His activity was considered dangerous by government. In 12 February 1949, he had schedule to meet government representative. Unfortunately, the meeting was not happened and two men shot him. Hasan Al Banna died due to severe wound. His assassination created turbulence in Muslim Brotherhood situation.


Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and His Legacies

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Michael Jackson was popular as singer and songwriter from United of States. He was claimed to be the King of Pop. People recognized his works and became significant figure in pop culture industry. He released many albums and collaborations with various artists.

Until now, many modern artists cited his works, albums, songs, and performances as inspiration. He contributed in fashion, music, and dance. Besides, he also had controversial issue regarding his status.

Early Life and Career

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His full name is Michael Joseph Jackson. He was born on August 29 1955 in Gary, Indiana. His was eight son in family. His family was from working class, but his father and mother had music instruments and taught all children.

His father formed group and he started to involve more as vocalist. The group had name the Jackson 5. They performed in several clubs until gained recognition.

The Jackson 5 had songs, including single Bad Boy (1968). First label was Steeltown Record then moved to Motown in 1969. Other successful singles are I Want You Back, I’ll be There, and The Love You Save.

Breakthrough and Popularity

Michael Jackson decided to pursue solo career. He signed to Epic and moved to New York. His fifth album was when breakthrough started in 1979. The album title is Off the Wall and it reached the number three in Billboard 200 chart.

He continued succeed to maintain popularity with new album, especially Thriller as sixth album. He won American Music Awards, and established as the best singers. The singles include Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin, and Beat It.

His next albums include Bad, Dangerous, and Invisible. He also released compilation albums, such as The Best of Michael Jackson and One Day in Your Life.

Personal Life and Death

In 1980s, Michael Jackson looks different and started to change his appearance. His skin looked lighter and pale that was different from his original dark brown. Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo that made his skin more sensitive.

Jackson married to Lisa Marie Presley in 1994. She had known him since childhood. Unfortunately, it lasted only two years. He married for second time to Debbie Rowe and had two children.

Jackson Artistry

Michael Jackson might not have formal education or training for music. However, he was very proficiency in music notation. He took several artists as inspiration, and James Brown as the most substantial one.

Pop was his most common genre, but he also explored other areas. He put together various music styles like blues, soul, disco, rock, dance, new jack swing, and funk. He had distinct vocal style that changed during his life from childhood to adult.

Legacy and Other Works

The most legacy is his albums and songs that made him as King of Pop. Such title was high acclamation to what he had done in music, fashion, and entertainment industry.

He was considered as the biggest hit since The Beatles. Many singers, performers, and songwriters put him as their influence. His unique style, vocal, and performance became legacy. Michael Jackson received many awards, honors, and prizes. His name was in Hollywood Walk of fame since 1984.