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5 Alternative Ways to Promote at a Club with T-Shirts: The Secrets Revealed

Posted on March 20, 2019 in World Travel

There are 5 alternative ways to promote at a club with T-shirts. Promoting a company or brand using club T-shirt is very common these days, especially in a community of sport enthusiasts.

Today, the promotion does not have to be done only on players’ T-shirt. You can do much more to make sure the brand awareness is high among the spectacles, supporters, and basically everyone. Below are the secrets of

Print Clear Logo and Mascot on T-Shirts

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The most important thing to do here is to print clear logo or mascot of your company on the T-shirt. The logo, the lettering, or the mascot must be printed as clear as possible so that everyone can notice them right away.

It is better if the logo is printed big and bold. That way, even the spectacles watching at home or watching from afar can notice the promotion on the T-shirt.

Distribute Free T-Shirts to Supporters

If it is only the players of the club who wear the promotion T-shirt, there will be only a few of them. It will be hard for everyone to notice the brand promoted on the shirts. You need to go above and beyond.

Try making free T-shits with the brand or company name promoted on it. Then, distribute them among the supporters for free. They would love to wear them, especially when they know it comes for free.

Use Different Kinds of Shirts

One of the best ways in 5 alternative ways to promote at a club with T-shirts is to print the promotion brand or company on different kinds of shirts. It is not only T-shirt but also polo shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and probably tank tops.

That way, many different people can wear the shirt at the same time. It is including girls/ women with the tank tops, elderly for the long-sleeved shirts, and formal-looking people with the polo.

Make Sure the Club Officials Wear the T-Shirts

Besides of the players of the club, you need to make sure that the club officials, including the coach are wearing the T-shirts as well. It does not have to be T-shirt after all, try to print the promoted brand on collared shirt or thick jacket for them to wear.

The officials are quite influential among the supporters; basically they will notice anything that the big bosses are wearing. So, it is a warranty for the promoted brand to get the attention.

Promote on the Cheerleaders’ Shirts

If the promotion takes place in a club with cheerleaders or supporting bands, you need to include them, too. Create special shirts for them to wear, with the promoted brands on it for sure.

The exact same things need to be done on other front-supporters, such as the supporter patrons, sing-leaders, and many other influential people on the stadium.

By understanding all of those 5 alternative ways to promote at a club with T-shirts, you can make sure that the particular brand or companies you are promoting through the T-shirt is highly noticeable and take effects.


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