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The best ways to Care for Peruvian Guinea Pigs

Posted on December 23, 2017 in Animals & Pets


Peruvian test subject are known for their elegant locks of hair as well as pleasant individualities. They call for a bit extra grooming compared to your ordinary test subject, yet they make up for it with their elegance. Develop a routine for showering, trimming, as well as brushing immediately. Feeding your pig a diet regimen of fresh vegetables is an additional beneficial investment, as it can reap clear wellness advantages. When all of this work is done, take a seat as well as enjoy a fast cuddle with your Peruvian pig.

Creating an Appropriate Setting

1. Get the right size cage.

If you possess simply one pig, a cage measuring 40L” x 20W” x 20H” (101.6 centimeters L x 50.8 cmW x 50.8 cm H) need to do the trick. Include even more area if you choose to put one more pig in this same cage. Getting as well little of a cage could cause all kind of troubles, including territorial disputes over space.
The cage needs to be cable with a plastic bottom.
At the end of the cage, include a tidy substratum product, such as small pieces of recycled newspaper. Wood shaving are commonly made use of for other types of guinea pigs, but the items will certainly stick in a Peruvian pig’s hair and develop matted areas.

2. Include risk-free toys.

Throw in a couple of hard cat toys with bells or squeaky parts inside. Or, lower a PVC pipeline to around 4 inches (10 centimeters) and location it within the cage as a passage. Timber obstructs and also systems are likewise fantastic enrichment devices. When you choose a toy constantly consider its prospective dangers. Can it be eaten apart? Exist any kind of sharp or breakable pieces.

3. Keep them cool down.

Because of their mass of hair, Peruvian test subject are really prone to heat. It’s best to keep your residence environment at a consistent temperature in between 65-75 levels Fahrenheit (18-24 levels Celsius). Move your pig’s cage far from any type of drafts, fans, or vents.
If you know that your home is hot, you could attempt numerous cooling techniques including freezing water bottles as well as letting your pig relax alongside them.

Grooming Your Peruvian Guinea Pig

1 Brush its hair frequently.

Unlike other test subject, Peruvians are incapable to groom themselves. Obtain a soft brush or great tooth comb and resolve your pet dog’s hair from base to tip. Brush in the direction of the hair development, normally parting down the back. Repeat this process at least two times a week.
As you clean, understanding of matted locations and work these out by hand or reduce them off with shears. If a pig’s hair stays matted it could become excruciating as well as result in a skin infection. If your guinea pig no longer has complimentary series of activity in its legs, after that a hair floor covering might be at fault.
Anticipate your pig to move a bit throughout the first couple of brushing sessions. After a while they will settle down and obtain utilized to the routine.

2. Trim your Peruvian pig’s hair.

When your guinea pig’s hair expands past its feet and also hits the floor, then it’s time for a hairstyle. Obtain a pair of sharp hair shears and position a single lock of hair between your 2nd and also ring fingers. Trim the ends off and also repeat. Take your time and also never cut also near your pig’s skin or you could nick it.
Place a bit of food prior to your pig, like a sliced up carrot. This ought to maintain it sidetracked while you cut.
Dog breeders of Peruvian guinea pigs typically design their pigs’ hair then secure it with tissue and elastic band. This keeps the style undamaged for longer.

3. Bathe your pig every 3 months at minimum.

Obtain a shallow plastic recipe and also load it up with lukewarm water. Put your pig right into the container, making sure that its feet touch the bottom. Delicately use mild baby hair shampoo and also work it into the hair. Wash your pig off as well as dry it with a cosy towel. You’ll likely intend to rub out your test subject’s hindquarters on a regular basis in between bathrooms, to keep the area from obtaining soiled.
It’s ideal to shower your test subject on a reduced surface area, just in case it runs away the water recipe. You could anticipate your pig to wriggle a bit throughout baths, but speaking softly as well as scrubing delicately can calm it down.
Understand that most other breeds of guinea pigs are sporadically bathed. Peruvians are various due to their long hair.
Avoid blow drying your guinea pig after a bath, as this can truly scare your pet. Instead, simply make use of a combination of toweling as well as air drying.

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