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Resignation Letter Due to Pregnancy

Posted on May 13, 2019 in Home Designs

Being pregnant is the best gift for women.

It is not a surprise that they want to do anything to focus on the pregnancy and the baby. In case of career women, resigning from the job is a big decision yet worth doing.

If you have decided to resign from your beloved job, resignation letter due to pregnancy is a thing that you should take into account.

It is actually easy to compose resignation letter.

However, shall you need any references, you may look for contoh surat pengunduran diri or resignation letter samples from any sources.

Typical resignation letters inform the employer that you intend to quit from the job and do not have intention to return.

Despite your resignation reason is clear, it is necessary to mention the intention inside the letter.

How to Make Resignation Letter Due to Pregnancy Easily

Writing a resignation letter is quite tricky because there are some aspects that should be involved.

In your letter, it should contain your end date, reason, as well as cordial.

Without those aspects, your letter is likely to be inappropriate.

Therefore, check out how to make a letter for resignation due to pregnancy in easy way below:

1. Ensure who the letter recipient is

image source: rumah adat

Some employers or companies have different structure and regulation.

Before submitting your resignation letter, make sure you know to whom the letter should be addressed.

This influences the greeting you have to write on the letter.

Writing the correct name and position will make your letter look professional.

Avoid using To Whom It May Concern.

2. Write straightforwardly

image source: nbc

To avoid misunderstanding, it is important to write brief language and mention your intention straightforwardly.

It is not necessary to write a long story related to your reason for resignation.

However, make sure you choose polite words so that your letter will be well-accepted.

Furthermore, divide into several section so that it will be easier to read.

3. Mention your plan briefly

image source: the guardian

You may mention your future plan after quitting from the current job.

Either you want to be stay at home parent or relocate to some new place, you are allowed to state it on your resignation letter due to pregnancy.

However, remember to keep it brief and efficient.

One or two sentences will be enough to reflect your future plan.

4. Offer your help

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During the transition, your employer might need some help.

Do not reluctant to offer your help for smooth transition, such as training new employee or other thing to avoid chaotic condition before or after your leave.

Your employer will really appreciate this.

Besides, make sure you get everything in order including your desk or surrounding circumstances.

What about composing your letter right now? If you think you are not ready for one, it means you need some help.

celtics town is there offering something that you need.

There are many samples of resignation letter with various reasons, including pregnancy.

Simply tailor some specific information to make it fit you.

Through this way, you do not need to think so hard or waste time arranging your own words.

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